cattailsThe Chatfield Watershed Authority promotes the protection of water quality in Chatfield Watershed for recreation, fisheries, drinking water supplies and other beneficial uses. A primary ongoing project is the collection the monitoring of contaminants entering the watershed and implementing projects to mitigate potential contamination. Most of the pollutants reaching the reservoir are from nonpoint sources, which means they come from people. These sources of constituents may include excess fertilizer runoff from lawns, bacterial-infested pet waste left on trails, overgrazed agricultural lands and drips of oil, gas and fluids from vehicles.

Small steps you take every day can have an impact on the water quality in Chatfield Watershed and Reservoir. The first step is identifying what these steps are. Please help spread the word about the importance of water quality and a healthy ecosystem and share the following with your neighborhood, association, customers and community.


Place posters to spread the word:

  1. Scoop the Poop
  2. Green Lawns Don’t Have to Equal Green Lakes


Include the water quality message in newsletters

  1. Ads from CLEAR


Book classroom presentations

  1. Castle Rock Water provides presentations to schools within the Town regarding the water cycle and water quality.
  2. SMWSA Water Ambassadors come to the classrooms, K-12, to provide in-depth information about local water challenges and solutions by exploring how water moves and is captured for urban use both regionally and, specifically, in the south metro area.


Encourage participation in community cleanup events

  1. Household Chemical Roundup. Drop of items such as automobile fluids, herbicides, pesticides, paints, large batteries, and more. The Tri-County Health Department holds these drop off events in Adams, Arapahoe and Douglas Counties.
  2. Spring Up the Creek. Creek cleanup event in Castle Rock, held the first weekend in May.
  3. City of Lakewood Cleanup Day. For Lakewood residents, check the when you can bring large items and electronics to be disposed of.
  4. Jefferson County Slash Collection. Prevent fire hazard by removing slash such as tree limbs, prunings and pine needles; rotating locations throughout Jefferson County from June to October.